Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence in Raleigh, NC?

Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence in Raleigh, NC?

We have the experience you need for your case

If you intentionally injure, threaten or harass a partner or family member, you could face domestic violence charges. If you're convicted, you may be required to attend a treatment program and face certain restrictions on your daily life. When you need domestic violence defense in Raleigh, NC, get in touch with Edward V Williams, Attorney at Law PLLC.

Is this your first offense? Did you also violate a protective order? We will examine every detail of your legal situation to decide on a defense strategy. Call 919-844-2847 now to schedule a consultation if you have been charged with Domestic Violence.

What type of domestic violence charge are you facing?

Domestic violence charges come in many forms. Edward V Williams, Attorney at Law PLLC can take on any type of charge that involves:

  • Assault on a Female/Simple Assault
  • Communicating Threats
  • Harrasing phone calls
  • Stalking
  • Domestic violence protective order violation, also known as a restraining order violation.
  • Child Abuse

In addition to Edward V William's experience, his office manager, Nancy served on the Wake County Domestic Violence task force in her previous positions at the District Attorneys Office, and Magistrates Office.

For criminal defense in Raleigh, NC or Wake County, reach out to an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.