Are You Charged With a DWI?

Are You Charged With a DWI?

You Need A Competent Defense Attorney in Raleigh, NC

When a night out downtown ends with a DWI, you may not know where to turn. With expensive fines or possible jail time in your future, you need to hire us as soon as possible. Edward V Williams, Attorney at Law PLLC is a DWI lawyer in Raleigh, NC with nearly two decades of legal experience. He'll examine your charge, evaluate the facts and your individual circumstances and help you decide on your next best steps.

In North Carolina, any and all DWI convictions will be accompanied by a suspension of your driver license. For how long and under what terms and conditions are based on the nature of your case. At the very least, your NCDL will be suspended for one year. Longer suspensions are possible in certain situations but one year is the minimum.

Don't ignore your DWI or try to deal with it on your own. Call 919-844-2847 now for DWI defense in Raleigh, NC or the Wake County area.

3 things you need to know about DWIs in North Carolina

North Carolina takes DWIs very seriously. Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Even your first offense can come with serious consequences, including jail time.
  2. In addition to your blood-alcohol level there are several other factors that determine the severity of your charges.
  3. Prescription Drugs are an impairing substance as well.

If you're slapped with a DWI in Raleigh, NC, contact Edward V Williams, Attorney at Law as soon as possible for DWI defense.